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Becoming a student member of the FICPA makes you part of an organization of more than 19,500 CPAs, accounting professionals, and students. Our networking events, career advice, exam prep, and leadership opportunities bridge the gap between the knowledge you gain in the classroom and the real-world skills you need to succeed as a CPA.

FICPA student members go on to make an impact in nearly every industry – from government, education, and healthcare to Fortune 500 businesses and nonprofits.

And joining the FICPA is free for students.

A career as a CPA is rewarding and meaningful.
The FICPA will help you get there.

FICPA Student Member Benefits

•  Eligibility for FICPA Scholarships
•  Be part of the leading professional organization for Florida CPAs
•  Receive discounts on CPA exam prep materials
•  Learn from our unique leadership opportunities
•  Access to coaching and advice on resumes, internships, and career paths
•  Network with 26 local member chapters
•  Access exclusive FICPA member publications
Become A Student Member

Leadership Opportunities
Stand out from the crowd.

The FICPA offers unique opportunities for student members to gain leadership skills and valuable real-world experience that will set your resume apart from the rest.

To find out more about any of our student member programs, contact us. Click here to view the Sample CPA Exam Questions for Students »
Student Ambassador Program 
Student Ambassadors are the face of the FICPA on college campuses across the state. As an Ambassador, you’ll gain valuable hands-on experience in leading, organizing, and enhancing the FICPA student network.
Accounting Scholars Leadership Symposium
This invitation-only program takes accounting students on a three-day, deep dive into what it means to be a CPA. Held in Central Florida and in conjunction with the FICPA Mega Conference in June, the Symposium offers a chance to meet and network with practicing CPAs, hone your interview and resume skills, and learn from leaders in the field by visiting local firms and companies.
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Florida CPA Summit Student Track
The FICPA Florida CPA Summit Student Track draws hundreds of CPAs from across the state to learn and network together in South Florida. As a student member, you can attend the one-day Student Track at South Florida CPA Summit Student Track and meet potential employers, attend sessions specially curated for students, and mingle with other FICPA members.

Upcoming Events

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Student members of the FICPA are eligible for scholarships of up to $5,000 offered through the FICPA Scholarship Foundation to help cover the costs of your accounting degree.
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Jobs & Internships

FICPA student membership shows potential employers that you’re making a proactive investment in your future. Our career connection services make it easy to find the right opportunity for you – whether you’re looking for a full-time job or that first internship to put on your resume.
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Becoming a CPA

Before you can take the CPA exam and apply for your license, you must meet
certain requirements. Follow this road map to make sure you’re on your way.
Before the Exam
•  Take 120 semester (or 160 quarter) hour credits  
•  24 semester (or 36 quarter) hours must be in upper-division (junior or senior level) accounting:   
•  Taxation, Auditing, Financial and Cost
•  24 semester (or 36 quarter) hours must be in upper-division general business, including 3 semester (or 4 quarter) hours in business law
•  Apply for the exam  
•  Apply at the DBPR      
•  The exam application requires a $50 non-refundable fee        
•  Be sure to submit your transcripts!        
•  Once the State Board of Accountancy approves your application, it will be sent to the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) and you will receive a Jurisdiction ID number

•  Schedule your exam    
•  The NASBA will send you a Notice to Schedule (NTS)    
•  Use your NTS to schedule your exam at NASBA  
•  You must pass all four parts of the exam within an 18 month rolling period before applying for licensure
Apply for Licensure
•  Pass all four parts of the CPA exam    
•  You must pass all four parts of the exam within an 18 month rolling period
•  Take 150 semester (200 quarter) credit hours    
•  30 semester (54 quarter) hours must be in upper-division accounting:        
•  Taxation, Auditing, Financial and Cost/Managerial•  36 semester (58 quarter) hours must be in upper-division business, including three semester (four quarter) hours of business law.    
•  Note: these requirements are in addition to those listed in the “Before the Exam” section above

•  Obtain one year of work experience    
•  Your experience must be verified by a licensed CPA    
•  All requirements to sit for the exam must be met before obtaining your work experience        
•  Board staff calculates the work experience based on when the applicant completed 120 semester hours, regardless of their concentration.

•  Apply for your license    
•  Apply online at the DBPR 
•  Include all work experience verifications and academic transcripts    
•  You must apply for your license within three years of passing the last part of your CPA exams
For more information on the CPA licensure process, check out these resources: 
You can always contact us with any questions.

Why Become a CPA?

If you think being a CPA is just about taxes and spreadsheets, think again.

CPAs are trusted advisors that help business leaders make critical decisions. You’ll find CPAs making a difference in every sector of the economy.  

At the core of a CPA’s work are trust, relationships, and most of all – making an impact.

Where CPAs Work

Environmental Services
Forensic Accounting
Information Technology
International Business
Solo Practices
Solo Practices
Environmental Services
Forensic Accounting
Information Technology
International Business

Rapid Growth

According to the US Bureau of Labor Services, employment of accountants and auditors
is projected to grow 10% through 2026 – faster than all other occupations

What CPAs Earn

The Robert Half Salary Guide has information on the latest hiring trends in the accounting and finance sector, as well as up-to-date salary statistics across a wide range of jobs.

According to Robert Half, the CPA designation is an in-demand credential and can put you at the higher end of the compensation table (5-15%).

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